Faculty & Staff

Dr. Yu Sun, Research Associate


Hamilton Turner, Ph.D. Candidate (2 Best Student Paper Awards)
Hyojoon Bae, Ph.D. Candidate (2 Best Paper Awards)
Thaddeus Czauski, Ph.D. Candidate
Brandon Amos, CRA Undergraduate Researcher of the Year Honorable Mention
Yao Pan, Ph.D. Candidate
Austin Hanlin, Undergraduate Researcher & Optio Labs
Jordan Schweigert, Undergraduate Researcher, First Publication as a Freshman


Dr. Brian Dougherty, Entrepreneur & Director of Engineering at Optio Labs
Daniel Guymon, Northrup Gruman Future Technical Leader
Ben Gotow, Entrepreneur
Chris Thompson, Entrepreneur
Paul Miranda, Amazon
Zach McCormick, Optio Labs
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