Visting Ph.D. Student
Dept. of Computer Science
Northeastern University, P.R. China, Vanderbilt University
yu.ethan.yao@gmail.com, yu.yao@vanderbilt.edu

Research Interests

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Fault Diagnosis
  3. Voice Disorders Diagnosis (Smart Healthcare)
  4. Software Engineering


  1. Otc. 2019-Otc. 2021 - Visting Ph.D., Computer Science, Vanderbilt University
  2. Oct. 2022 - Enrolled Ph.D., Control Science and Control Engineering, Northeastern University, P.R. China
  3. Jun. 2017 - MS, Control Engineering, Northeastern University, P.R. China
  4. Jun. 2015 - BA, Automation, Northeastern University, P.R. China

Journal Papers

  1. Feng, Jian, Yu Yao, Senxiang Lu, and Yue Liu, Domain Knowledge-Based Deep-Broad Learning Framework for Fault Diagnosis, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, volume 68, number 4, 3454-3464, April, 2020

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