The Magnum Research Group

The Mobile Application computinG, optimizatioN, and secUrity Methods Research Group focuses on the science of creating next-generation mobile and cloud applications that sense the world around us and are secure, efficient, and scalable.

Mobile/Cloud Cyber-physical Systems

Our research makes your mobile device aware of its surroundings - able to protect itself, help you make decisions, and interpret what you are doing.

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A selection of our research projects

GhostBox is a research project focused on location-based control of mobile security. This project led to the launch of Optio Labs, backed by $2.5M in venture funding.
HD4AR is a mobile/cloud augmented reality project. This project has won 2 best paper awards and industry awards at CES and SXSW. The project spawned PAR Works, a venture backed startup with $1.5M in funding.
The Ataack Cloud is a mobile testbed that allows researches to run coordinated experiments with 100s or 1,000s of Android emulators. The testbed was funded by a grant from the Army Research Office.
Soda is a project to develop the next-generation of HTTP-based distributed object computing frameworks and vastly simplify mobile/cloud integration. Try our opensource implementation.
NERD is a platform for rapidly developing and distributing mobile apps to monitor and operate industrial control systems.
ScatterD is a set of heuristic/metaheuristic algorithms for optimizing the allocation of computing resources in cloud computing environments to reduce cost and improve quality of service.

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Faculty & Staff

Dr. Yu Sun, Research Associate


Hamilton Turner, Ph.D. Candidate (2 Best Student Paper Awards)
Hyojoon Bae, Ph.D. Candidate (2 Best Paper Awards)
Thaddeus Czauski, Ph.D. Candidate
Brandon Amos, CRA Undergraduate Researcher of the Year Honorable Mention
Yao Pan, Ph.D. Candidate
Austin Hanlin, Undergraduate Researcher & Optio Labs
Jordan Schweigert, Undergraduate Researcher, First Publication as a Freshman


Dr. Brian Dougherty, Entrepreneur & Director of Engineering at Optio Labs
Daniel Guymon, Northrup Gruman Future Technical Leader
Ben Gotow, Entrepreneur
Chris Thompson, Entrepreneur
Paul Miranda, Amazon
Zach McCormick, Optio Labs
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